Topical guide

The following is a selection of posts I have written in the past, organized according to topic.



Letter to the World’s Religious Leaders by the Universal House of Justice
1) A critique of “Letter to the World’s Religious Leaders”
2) The purpose of religion?
3) Religious prejudice in the “Letter to the World’s Religious Leaders
4) When inclusiveness is exclusive
5) Teaching Christians about Christianity
6) Resurrection pie
7) The “insuperable wall” between Heaven and Earth
8) A clash of histories
9) The true purpose of interfaith panels

The World Order of Baha’u’llah by Shoghi Effendi
(I didn’t get very far with this series.)
1) What’s the Bible for?
2) Shoghi Effendi and Christian authority

The Promised Day is Come by Shoghi Effendi
1) Ephesians and the Unity of Mankind
2) Oneness of shepherd, oneness of sheep
3) Progressive unifications?



Catholic Saints
“My daughter, whom I have chosen for myself” – excerpt from a vision by St. Birgitta of Sweden
The martyrs of China

The Pope
A “very ironic” defense of the Pope
Papal infallibiity

Quotes by popes
“The Indians should not be in any way enslaved.” – Paul III
“Samoa e fa’amalo le fa’aaloalo.” – Paul VI
“Ultimately, it is only the truth that can bring unity.” – Benedict XVI
“Christ’s peace is not the simple absence of conflict.” – Benedict XVI
“The mystery of new birth shone upon us.” – Leo the Great
“If we believe that God is located in the heavens, then the birds would be more fortunate than we” – Benedict XVI (quoting Augustine)
The pope on interreligious dialogue – Benedict XVI

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