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  1. Beu, i am bahái of origen catholicam a want to divulge this blog in Brezil, where number grande of baháis also catholics. Veri goo your iniciative. Sõnia

  2. I am , bahai of origen catholic in Brezil, anda i need to divulgue this BLOG in my country. becausa this country very contacto they are this religion catholic. .I liked to receive this blog.Sõnia

  3. Thank you for your comment, Sonia. It’s nice to see Lusophones reading the blog.

    A note to all visitors: If you are not an Anglophone, then you may write your question in your language.

  4. Hi Jonah,
    Steve Marshall liked the following and posted it and said you’d probably be interested. I hope so.
    I’m the full time Chaplain of the Phoenix Fire Department where I provide on-scene
    citizen assistance at suicides, murders, drownings, fires, sudden infant deaths, etc.
    department provides.

    I have a new book out (my 9th) BAHA’I SYMBOL ON COVER…BAHA’I PHILOSOPHY IN TEXT) titled:
    Fire Department Religion: A Hopeful Story about Religious Coequality and Being Nice! You can check it out at:
    I’d be honored if you’d review it, mention ir or
    whatever. If interested, I’d be pleased to send you
    a copy.
    Dr. Carl G. Carlozzi
    Chaplain, Phoenix Fire Department

    i Jonah,

  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I devote only a small amount of time to this blog, so I’m not able to do a lot of what I would like, like reading and reviewing books.

  6. Hi, I am a Baha’i who would like to know some more about Catholicism. The Baha’i Faith has clear, strongly worded teachings against alcohol, psychoactive drugs and tobacco. I’m not aware of Catholics having any code of conduct in these areas. If I’m wrong about that, can you please quote Bible and Catholic teachings on these subjects, so that I can quote those teachings to my Catholic friends to help them to improve themselves.

  7. I answer anonymous’s question here: The Catholic view on alcohol and drugs.

  8. What is heavenly bread and earthly bread

  9. They can mean lots of things. Can you explain your context? Why do you ask?

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