I was an active, deepened Baha’i for eight years. Over time I lost my faith in Baha’u’llah, and I have since become a Christian and joined the Catholic Church. I had put my Baha’i life behind me and didn’t think much about it until recently when I had some conversations with Baha’is about leaving the Faith.

These conversations made me realize two things, which motivate this blog:

(1) I never really had to explain before why I left the Faith, so now sometimes I’m at a loss how to articulate my reasons. This blog will be a forum where I can think through those reasons.

(2) The Baha’is that I have known were remarkably ill-informed about other religions, and what they did know (or think they knew) came either from pop culture or from fellow Baha’is. I’m particularly sensitive to this with regard to Christianity, because I am a Christian. So this blog will also be a forum for explaining Christianity to Baha’is. (And when I say “Christianity,” I mean the mainstream, Catholic-Orthodox tradition that encompasses most of the world’s Christians.)

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