Naw-ruz potluck ideas

Happy new year! My congratulations to all my Baha’i readers for surviving another Fast.

Naw-ruz was probably my favorite Baha’i holiday. I was always relieved the fasting was over. It wasn’t just the going hungry and thirsty. It was the waking up before sunrise, and the having to give up snacking (something I’m very fond of).

One thing about Naw-ruz though… It seems like non-Baha’is who celebrate it have a lot more going on than the Baha’is do. It’s not just the “Seven S’s” table, which I never saw in my 9 Naw-ruzes as a Baha’i, even at Persian homes. Apparently Iranians also have this jolly fellow to spread Naw-ruz cheer. Not quite an Ayyam-i-Ha Camel, but hey. And the best part about non-Baha’i Naw-ruz is, you jump over fire.

Imagine how lively Baha’i potlucks would be with all that stuff going on at the Center. LSA Social Committees, are you taking notes?


5 Responses

  1. Thanks Jonah! Indeed we generally don’t jump over fires – that is done in Iran on Chaharshanbe Souri, the Wednesday before Naw Ruz :-)

    Our Russian Orthodox Christian friends are fasting for 40 days before Easter (and I believe another week or so after). In a way this appears more challenging since it is longer and they do not eat any animal-derived food including eggs, milk etc. at any time during this period. Do you know what the original Catholic fasting rules are and if and how these have become different from Orthodox rules?

    Greetings, Martijn

  2. Dude, where are you?!

  3. I think Bahai’s are a little uncertain about what traditions to bring/start around our holidays. Some people are leaving things behind and others (like myself) grew up without any particular form of celebration attached to a holiday. Im now deciding how I want to celebrate these days with my growing family and enjoying creating our traditions. Jumping fire, eh?

  4. I suggest that the Baha’i Faith has no “Traditions”, holidays where the writings specify the nature of the observances. Each individual and community then fits or tries to fit that into their lives and understanding. Each Baha’i comes from a diverse collection of Culture and Family Traditions. Spring as New Years is nothing new… It is or has been designated as the beginning of the Year of the Baha’i Calendar. If you jump fire that day, or eat liver, no one cares.

    It is folly to judge any religion by the people who attest to be adherents. Please study the text of the religions, ALL religions. Faith based on current adherents practices and applications is faith misplaced regardless of the religion. It is better no religion than discord because of religion. IF discord is excused because of religion, there is an underlying false agenda and purpose to that discord, which should be addressed as being regressive to humanity’s advancement.

  5. I don’t think I should participate in the jumping fire thing, I had polio 60 years ago. Seriously, though, what is the writer looking for a religious faith or a carnival?

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