A Protestant video on Catholicism

The following is a video produced by a Lutheran denomination giving a basic introduction to the Catholic Church.


One Response

  1. There is one common belief or one common spiritual base between all religions. And this base is almost forgotten through questions of traditions :

    “Tradition is still a big oak, that all tempest can break down and bring back to the ground. Conscience as oppose is a sweet reed that bent in all direction but stay up rise while the tempest has passed away ! ”

    Mainly religions bet on the pursuit of a projection vue from traditions into the reality. Even through a progressive revelation, the believer thinks that the new tradition has to inherite from the old one. While in fact, conscience and divine presence stays raised in any kind of tradition, what ever it is ! This difference is forgotten by all religions.

    Even the spiritual world is alive, moving and not static. It changes with the evolution of human kind. Somehow, I can find illusions into the catholic tradition and the same one into the lutherian tradition. But while I look at the faith, it’s still the same ! Some historian sees the conservative order of tradition that is the same in the ancient Egypt clergy of Amon Ra than inside the protocols of the catholic church. But is it based on faith and on the christian revelation ?

    Somehow I can even find truth and hiden truth inside an integrist catholic message, lost in the middle of all kind of common illusions. Also, I can find collective illusions inside the message given by the most tolerant and universal message given by any religion. As a matter of fact, in each way, it’s like in the serial “X files”. The truth is out there and never certainly where you are watching !

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