I found on Baha’i Views a quote from another Baha’i blog, The Many Adventures of Shireen, where she says in the post Epiphany,

I feel we are now at a pivotal time in human history. Society is crying out for spiritual fulfillment and direction; the religious regimes of the past are no longer functional in that sense. We are in dire need of a drastic paradigm shift in order to align our understanding of existence in this world with that of what God has been telling us through His Manifestations

Shireen was just speaking for herself, of course, but I would be interested in hearing how other Baha’is react to this quote. The reason I single it out is that it raises some questions in my mind.

What is Baha’u’llah telling us that is different from what past Manifestations told us? How are the needs we face now different from the needs of past dispensations? What exactly is the paradigm shift that we have to undergo now?